Australia On Line DNSSEC Troubleshooting and information.

5th May 2010

Currently the global Internet infrastructure for translating names into internet addresses is being overhauled (DNSSEC project).

This is not being undertaken by your ISP but the peak bodies of the Internet.

Some networking equipment will fail as a result of the changes. These changes will manifest themselves as an inability to access the Internet.

To find out if you're affected, try the following ....

Type into the address line of your web browser. If you can view this page and see "Success" then you are not affected and you need not read any further.

If you can't view the test page then try typing into the address line of your web browser.

If you can now view "Success" on the test page then you may be affected. Otherwise you may have a different problem.

Where can I find more information?

The following sites have more information on how to test if your equipment is effected.

What should I do if I'm affected?

If you are affected then the next step is to determine which equipment in your network is responsible and obtain an update or replacement from your equipment vendor.

If you're an affected business you may wish to secure the services of Australia On Line consulting to assist you in resolution of this issue.